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Laundry tips and tricks 2

  • 2018-11-28 09:26:28

49.  Chlorine based bleach is more aggressive than non chlorine bleach and sometimes can destroy fabrics. Always try the least aggressive first.

50.  Hang pants by the cuff to allow better airflow and to keep them wrinkle-free.

51.  Occasionally use a fan to circulate air through your closet; it will keep your clothes from becoming dusty.

52.  Wash new clothes before wearing them to remove the pre-treated anti mold/antibacterial chemicals that were added during manufacturing.

53.  Cold water and hand soap wash out blood stains.

54.  Get rid of acrylic paint stains with some rubbing alcohol.

55.  Add a tablespoon of ground pepper to your wash to help keep your clothing bright.

56.  Next time you are folding sheets, place them inside the matching pillow cases. When its time to switch, you’ll already have a matching set.

57.  Make your laundry process move quicker. Use a three hamper sorter to keep clothes sorted and ready to wash.

58.  Naturally whiten your clothes. By using lemon juice and sunshine you can help them to be clean to smelling fresh.

59.  To keep your black clothes dark, add 2 cups of brewed coffee or tea to your rinse cycle.

60.  Add a 1/2 cup of mouthwash to your washer and run it through a cycle. It will help to disinfect your machine.

61.  Pesky grass stain? Try removing it with vinegar.

62.  Swimsuits should be rinsed in tap water, by hand, to remove the chemicals without damaging the spandex.

63.  Air dry swimwear flat on a mesh drying rack or in a ventilated area.

64.  To make ironing easier, start with a damp garment.

65.  If you find that you’ve gotten a makeup stain on your clothing, try removing it with some shaving cream.

66.  Whiten whites with a touch of lemon juice and sunlight.

67.  Do not dry swimwear in a dryer because the high heat damages the spandex.

68.  If you see any oil or lotion stains on swimwear, remove with baking soda or vinegar. Apply directly to the stain and allow to soak; then proceed to wash by hand.

69.  Do not wring out a swimsuit as the material can stretch.

70.  Let any mud dry thoroughly before attempting to remove from a garment.

71.  Red wine stain? Try combating it with white wine.

72.  Once mud is completely dried on an item, shake off excess dirt.

73.  Spot treat set in dirt stains with a brush and dish soap on both sides of the fabric.

74.  Blot dirt covered garments with rubbing alcohol and a sponge.

75.  For mud and dirt items; once you remove all loose dirt, stain treated any set in dirt, then wash the item according to the care tag.

76.  Use a dry erase marker on your washer to keep items organized.

77.  Distilled white vinegar is a softener, wrinkle releaser, and odor reducer that should be used in every wash load.

78.  To sort laundry correctly for optimal washing first make piles by color (lights, whites, brights, darks) then sort by fabric (synthetics, cotton, linen, other natural fibers).

79.  Certain fabrics should ALWAYS be air-dried. These include synthetics like polyester and lycra as well as loose knit garments and wool. Bathing suits, bras and pantyhose all are examples.

80.  Love a laundry scent on your clean garments? Gain Flings was voted number for fresh laundry smell. Looking for a light, hypoallergenic scent? Try Persil Sensitive Skin for a great smell that’s gentle on your skin.

81.  The best way to sanitize garments at home is with hot water, steam and chlorine based bleach.

82.  Never lose a sock again by putting your dirties in a mesh laundry bag. Toss the bag in the washer/dryer and you’re guaranteed to never lose a mate.

83.  Damp towels left in the washer? No problem! Wash them on a hot cycle with NO detergent, only half a cup of distilled vinegar plus baking soda. Repeat until the mildew has been completely removed before drying.

84.  The best defense to any stain is to treat as soon as possible. Keep a Tide-To-Go Stain Remover in your purse or vehicle for those “Oh-no!” moments.

85.  Hang a dry erase board in your laundry area so that you can make notes on special care items.

86.  Take old dryer sheets and place them in your drawers to help keep clothes smelling fresh.

87.  Prevent tennis shoe bang by placing the laces in the door of the dryer or buy a sneaker dryer bag or air dry shoes.

88.  Use a salad spinner to remove excess water from hand washed and air dried items.

89.  Remove gum from clothes by freezing it in your freezer.

90.  Got grease stains? Just rub some chalk over it before the wash and it will get absorbed in the wash.

91.  Rub hairspray or hand sanitizer to get rid of the worst ink stains.

92.  For school uniforms, process darks inside out on the gentle cycle with cold water to avoid removing the stitching from any patches or embroidered letters.

93.  Soak dirt covered items in warm water, detergent, white vinegar and then rinse.

94.  Periodically, use the long nozzle tip on your vacuum cleaner to remove the lint that collects below the lint screen in the lint screen slot of your clothes dryer.

95.  Line drying clothes also saves energy and money! To keep line dried clothes from getting stiff, throw them in the dryer for just a few minutes before hanging them to dry.

96. You can reduce drying time and energy use by setting your timer carefully. Over-drying your clothes uses more energy than necessary, and shortens the life of the fabric.

97. Use less detergent to save money and make each bottle last longer.

98. To loosen a stuck zipper, rub a bar of soap over the teeth.

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