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A.I.S.E. Sustainability Report Releases Ten Trends in the Global Home Care Market

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A.I.S.E. Sustainability Report Releases Ten Trends in the Global Home Care Market

  • 2018-09-27
A.I.S.E. Sustainability Report Releases Ten Trends in the Global Home Care Market

AISE recently released the 2017-18 Activity and Sustainability Report, which focuses on AISE's progress in achieving the 2025 strategy in 2017 and the first half of 2018, focusing on the outstanding performance of the European detergent industry, AISE initiated projects, Sustainability and a strong membership base represented by AISE. The report covers four major components, membership of A.I.S.E., cleaning and sanitation, regulatory affairs and sustainability.

A.I.S.E. is a European association of international soap, detergent and care products associations based in Brussels. It has been representing the European Union's detergent industry for 65 years. The members of A.I.S.E. are composed of 29 European National Associations, 18 corporate members and 6 industry-related organizations. Through extensive liaison work, A.I.S.E. represents more than 900 home and professional cleaning products and service providers in Europe, with a long-term focus on sustainable design, manufacturing and consumption, product safety, consumer and professional customer safety products.

According to the report, the European detergent industry achieved steady growth in 2017, with the household cleaning market growing by 1.2% and the professional cleaning market growing by 1.7%. All household goods markets have grown slightly, especially for hard surface cleaning and maintenance products. In the field of professional cleaning, most of the product market has grown, especially in the healthcare sector. The European cleaning and care products industry contributed about 35.9 billion euros to the European economy, with a market capitalization of 28.6 billion euros. The industry directly employs 9,500 people and employs 360,000 people in the relevant industry chain.
In 2017, A.I.S.E. commissioned a fourth consumer cleaning and laundry habit survey to understand consumer perceptions of the washing industry. The survey covered 23 countries in Western Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe, with nearly 200 people in each country, and a total of 4,611 people participated in the survey. Based on a comparison of the survey results of 2014, 2011 and 2008, the trend of washing consumption in Europe is summarized. According to the survey, compared with three years ago, consumers' laundry/tableware washing habits are relatively stable, and the development trend of sustainability and laundry cleaning products has not changed much; indoor and outdoor sanitation is as healthy as consumers. Significant recognition has been achieved; consumer habits associated with consumption, sustainable consumption and safe storage have led to further development opportunities; product safety awareness has remained stable, but interest in reading packaging information has declined slightly.

In the report, A.I.S.E. summarizes the top ten trends in the global home care market from three aspects: lifestyle, product and market.

1. New business models (eg, online shopping) redefine consumer expectations;

2. A healthy lifestyle is becoming the norm, and family health is getting more attention;

3. Market segmentation changes with changes in gender role play, and more and more men participate in sharing household chores;

4, The modern lifestyle drive convenient demand, easy to use the detergent market to increase the competitiveness of the detergent;

5. Energy conservation and environmental protection promote cold water washing, and bring additional economic benefits;

6. The consumer shifts from the visual effect of the laundry to the sensory effect, and the fresh aroma replaces the white net effect;

7. Concentrated transformation from powder to liquid products in the two areas of laundry and meal washing;

8. The trend of product enrichment affects product packaging, ingredients and retail;

9. In 2016, the Latin American market promoted the sale of home care products, and mature markets gave way to markets where the potential has not yet been fully exploited;

10. Private brands are making efforts in emerging markets, and retail concentration is increasing.

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